Dal Soup 5,00€
indian lentil soup  
Tomato Soup 5,00€
Indian tomato soup  
Chicken Soup 6,00€
indian chicken soup  
Green Salad 5.00€
salad, tomatoes, cucumber, carot  
Tandoori Salad 8,00€
Green salad, tomato, cucumber, carot and grilled pieces pf chicken  
Shrimps Salad 6,00€
indian shrimps salad  
Raita 4,00€
various vegetables with yogourt and spices  
Aloo Pakora 4,00€
potatoes fritters  
Baigan Pakora 4,00€
eggplant fritters  
Onion Bajhi 5,00€
onion fritters  
Mix Pakora 5,00€
potatoes, eggplants, onions fritters  
Shrimps Pakora 7,50€
shrimps fritters  
Paneer Tikka 7,50€
house made cheese marinated and grilled on a skewer and served with onion and bell pepper  
Vegetables Samosa 5,00€
potatoes, peas and spices slipper  
Samosa Meat 5,00€
lamb meat, peass and spices slipper  
Chicken Tandoori 6,00€
chicken thigh marinated in spices and grilled in tandoor  
Chicken Tikka 6,50€
chicken filet marinated in spices and grilled in tandoor  
Lamb Tika 8,00€
lamb skewer marinated in spices and grilled in tandoor  
Seekh Kebeb 7,00€
lamb skewer hashed with aromatics herbs and spices  
Gambas Tandoori 16,00€
Gambas, slightly marinated and grilled  
Mix Grill 16,00€
Assorted chicken, lamb, gambas and fritters for 2 people