75cl 37,5cl
Cuvée maison SANGEET VDF 15,00€ 8,00€
This traditional cuvée, with its dark red color, reveals a structure with soft and harmonious tannins. It releases aromas of red fruits and slightly spicy notes on the nose and on the palate.
Bordeaux 75cl  37,5cl
Bordeaux AOP 17,00€ 10,00€
Château Malbec bordeaux AOP
Château Malbec dresses in a beautiful purple color. The flavour is intense, deliciously fruity.
Saint Emilion AOP 24,00€  13,00€
Grande Sommellerie    
Red color, ruby, clear flavour with notes of ripe fruit and spices. The mouth has a frank and clean attack.    
Haut Médoc AOP 28,00€ 15,00€
Château Barreyres haut medoc
It has a carmine color with purple highlights. One appreciates its delicate aromas where peony mingles mixed with pepper.
Brouilly AOP 22,00€ 13,00€
Domaine de Chatelan    
It is a flexible, fruity wine (strawberry, raspberry ...), with discrete tannins.    
Côtes du Rhône    
Côtes du Rhône AOP 16,00€ 10,00€
Les Pierres    
Beautiful ruby color. Nose with aromas of red fruits and spices. In the mouth roundness and finesse with an appreciable concentration.    
Loire Valley    
Touraine Gamay AOP 17,00€ 10,00€
Domaine Bellevue    
Wine flattering and very present in the nose, built on aromas of fresh fruity and jammy red fruits.    
Saumur Champigny AOP 20,00€ 12,00€
Domaine Les Méribelles    
Expressive flavour, the cherry explodes to the first nose flavour to leave then the place to notes much more regulated.    
Indian Wine    
Wine from India 25,00€  13,00€
This red wine has a powerful flavour of succulent ripe fruit, accentuated by an exquisite allusion of spices.